April 26, 2011

blessing day

The Packers were in town for Brad's graduation, so on Easter Sunday we blessed Anna. Ryan did a wonderful job and gave her a beautiful blessing. Anna was sweet as could be and didn't make a peep. It was a great way to celebrate Easter.

Because of the blessing we sat in the front two rows. Near the end of the meeting Ella made her way up to sit with me. She climbed up on my lap and said, "Mommy, I don't feel good. My tummy hurts." Oh no. Oh no. And before you could blink, bam...she was throwing up. Ma Sue was quick on her feet (on her seat?) and grabbed Anna's blanket to catch it in. After round 1 I went in to scoop Ella up and take her out, but then round 2 hit. And round 3. The poor speaker (the Bishop!) was giving a great talk on the atonement, and a vomiting 2 year old on the front row had to be a little distracting. The second counselor looked on, somewhere between being horrified and humored. But thank heavens for that blanket. We were able to keep it all contained and relatively mess-free.

Poor Ella was sick for the rest of the night, but is now doing much better.

Ella hanging in there for the family picture


Jocie said...

Oh wow, glad she is feeling better. Good job Ma Sue, aren't Grandmas the best!

Thayer said...

Love Anna's blessing dress, what is the history of that? And way to go Ella for posing so nicely. Your mom is brave to kiss her just hours/minutes after puking).

Lauren said...

Oh, poor Ella. I've been barfy this week and there is nothing worse, especially for a little one. And in church? Oh man. I can't imagine.

But a family picture? I love it!