February 1, 2011

the necklace

A few years ago I began coveting my friend's necklace. Her mother had given it to her as a graduation gift, and I somehow thought it was a custom design. I told her that if they ever made another batch I wanted in. "What are you talking about? She got it at Tiffany." Oh. Well, then. I mentioned it to Ryan and last year for Christmas he surprised me with said necklace.

I loved the necklace and wore it all the time. I felt like it was understated but classic and beautiful. Then one morning I couldn't find it. I was certain it would turn up and didn't think much of it. But after a few days of casual looking I began to panic. I checked everywhere I could think of. Nothing. I felt horrible not only that I had lost something I loved, but I had lost something Ryan had given me.

This Christmas I didn't feel like I could ask for any jewelry given my track record. But Ryan surprised me with a new necklace to replace my old one. He even gave me an upgrade.

On Monday I was brushing my teeth (at an odd angle to accommodate my big belly) and noticed something in the drain. I screwed the top off, and to my amazement found my necklace just sitting there!
(This picture is a recreation with another necklace. I didn't dare tempt fate with the original just for blogging purposes.)

How it managed to stay there for six months, unnoticed, is beyond me. I called Tiffany and turned my exchange into a return (I had decided I didn't need the upgrade, and luckily it hadn't shipped out yet.)

The necklace has a little tarnish on one end but really looks amazing considering where it has been. I am one lucky girl.


Thayer said...

Oh happy day! Maybe you should stick with the one layer of contacts from now on - imagine the things you'll discover :) I LOVE when stuff like this happens...a good reminder I need to have mine repaired

Janice said...

I love stories like this. And, I love the cards Ryan gave you. So sweet.

Jane Anne said...

I love that Ryan did that for you.

Unknown said...

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Woodengirl said...

So funny!

Just one question. What do you mean you didn't need the upgrade. A girl always needs a Tiffany upgrade.

Molly Bice-Jackson said...

Just one question: I thought you got lasik done on your eyes and don't need contacts.

Alissa said...

Colleen--so...the 2010 version had 5 diamonds, the 2009 had 3. But you never really see the other two, so I exchanged the 5 for the 3, but then got a second (different) necklace (although I just got the necklace yesterday, and it don't love it, so I'm still looking :)

Molly--I did get Lasix in 2001, and by 2002 I was wearing contacts again. I was not a fan of my doctor, Dr. Hoopes. But Dr. Hoopes just got a new partner, who I do like, so I'm not boycotting the entire office, as I once was.