February 20, 2011

Night and Day

This is what little Anna looks like from 9ish to 1ish. Awake. She is like a teenager--loves to party all night and sleep all day. How long is it until they figure this circadian rhythm thing out?

Thankfully I am surrounded by loving support and have had lots of help with Ella so that I can try and match her wacky schedule and nap during the day. And physically/emotionally I am doing so much better this time around that I have been able to enjoy our late night rendezvous a bit...although I will be happy when they occur during the waking hours.


Thayer said...

Do you think she looks a lot like Ryan? I do, especially in that last photo

Danielle said...

Oh she is such a cute little tiny peanut! I must hold her before she gets big!

Jamie Wride said...

I just noticed she is wearing the purple outfit from France. Glad someone fits in it.

Circus Daily said...

Have fun with your all night parties...for both of mine, the flip flop schedule lasted about 6 weeks.

Good times.

She's adorable