January 30, 2011

pregnant brain

Today I woke up a little late and was scrambling to feed myself and Ella and get to church on time. As I was getting ready I realized that there was something off with my vision. I tried washing my contacts out, but it didn't really help. I couldn't focus correctly and my right eye was blurry. As I was in church I tried to ignore it, but it became more and more bothersome. So I went home, took out my contacts and tried to sleep it off. But I started to worry. Could this be a mild stroke? HELLP syndrome? Normal pregnancy changes? I started testing my vision and realized that my right eye (the one I initially thought was blurry) was actually okay, but my left eye that was having difficulty. This was weird, and freaking me out a bit so I called my doctor. As I was working my way through the phone tree I touched my right eye...and found another contact lens. Oh my goodness. My 'stroke' was the result of putting in three contact lenses. One in my left eye and two in my right. I don't know how I did that (I did open a new pair today because the first ones I put in were scratchy). I was so glad I figured this out before calling my doctor and going to the hospital. Oh the pregnant brain.

{Of note, Ryan did ask me if I thought it was a problem with my contacts. No, I said definitively. I took them out and the problem was still there.}


Jane Anne said...

I was watching you in Primary and thought you weren't feeling well - you kept closing your eyes. I was going to ask you about it, but I didn't see you again. That's funny:)

Marie said...

Haha, that is so funny! I have actually done that before too! 2 contacts in 1 eye. The other day I actually put mine in wrong - the right in the left and the left in the right. I couldn't figure out why things were blurry until I finally thought to switch them. And I'm not even pregnant! :)

Thayer said...

hilarious, glad you weren't having a stroke :)