January 28, 2011


Ella has an interesting way of ordering her world. She likes to understand and acknowledge connections. Lately she refers to people and things by how they relate to other people and things. Examples:
  • In her mind, she has three friends. Avery, Lily and Uncle Aaron. But she will often reference them according to the time she remembers meeting them. Avery is "My friend before Lily," Lily is "My friend after Avery," or "The one after Uncle Aaron," and Uncle Aaron is "The one after Lily." Sometimes she will refer to them by their names, but usually not.
  • She often refers to numbers as the one they are before or after. "I got up because the one after six was on my clock!" "Can we go when the big hand gets to the one before my favorite?"
  • She really likes family relations. As in, "Ella, do you want to go visit Ma Sue?" "Your mommy?" or "Pa, do you want to go to dinner with me and my mommy and your wife?" or "Brett is coming over tonight." "You mean Ty's Daddy?"

funny, funny little girl


Jane Anne said...

That's amazing

kimmy girl said...

I hope this next little girl is of normal intelligence, otherwise our kids don't have a shot in this family!

packermom said...

So smart. Tell her daddy's mommy is coming to visit when her baby sister arrives. Can't wait to see them both!!!