January 6, 2010

calling all crafters

I have this fabulous idea spinning around in my head...only problem...execution. So any creative ideas you have, please send them my way.

We recently completely renovated our office, and now I have 3 gorgeous exam rooms to decorate. I really want to have something in the rooms that will occupy the children while they wait, have minimal germs, and appeal to all ages. I saw these memory cards

at Antrho a few weeks ago, and it got me thinking...wouldn't it be fun to have a memory game hanging on the wall in each room. Minimal fomites (although I would still have a can of Clorox wipes on a shelf above each game for the germaphobe mamas), appeals to all ages, and tons of cool images out there.

But how to create it. That's what stumps me. I've had a few thoughts, but nothing that seems practical. I have a reasonable budget to get these rooms looking good; it seems like this could work.

So any ideas you may have, please share. Bored kids and parents throughout the Wasatch front are counting on it.



Thayer said...

My parents have that memory game, very cute, and the pieces are thick and very durable so would work well with a lot of touching...handmade wooden blocks? - I know a duo who makes pretty cute ones :)

Alissa said...

I'm thinking of somehow mounting on a large frame, maybe with small frames within the large frame, and with hinged doors covering the pieces. Plexiglass somewhere for easy cleaning???

Ella LOVES the duck wooden block. The rest she could take or leave. But the duck--it's a keeper.

Amelia Hohl said...

I just read through your last ten blogs that I missed. Ella is already famous and so well dressed. That black eye is really hilarious though! My sister-in-law's baby had a giant bloody scratch going from his hairline down to his nose from big brother. That happened during church a few weeks ago. lol. At least there won't be a giant scar!
Anyway, I love the plexiglass door idea. At our children's museum they have a wall that has doors that open to reveal items from the entire alphabet. Some are photos and some are actual boxes with things inside. The kids LOVE it. those doors are double sided so they don't open so far out from the wall and I think they're way sturdier that way and they don't cover the picture next door. Good luck with that!

J.T. Blogger said...

One crafter reporting for duty.

Anonymous said...

are you thinking to have the cards mounted? (um, I gues kids can't play with them that way but they will look nice). Even so, decoupage works great. I can help you. If you just decoupage them and leave them out, the plastic coating makes them easier to clean too!