January 13, 2010

bedtime bliss and blues

For two or three weeks, we really had it good. Around nap time/bed time, I'd ask Ella if she wanted to go to bed. She'd nod her head yes, we'd read a few stories, say prayers and then she would point to her crib. She would cuddle up with her monkey, elephant, dog, bunny, Duke Bear, and bottle (she just held it, it was empty) and would smile as I left. It was heavenly.

Now we are back to the scream and cry for 30 seconds to a minute and then go to sleep. Not as much fun.

I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I didn't know what I was doing right.

The ebb and flow of childhood.

I think I liked the ebb.


Danielle said...

well you should probably just start doing this this

great photo though. And 1 minute

sounds not sooo bad?

Bridget said...

Gosh, she's getting big! If it makes you feel any better, our issue isn't the going to bed, it's the staying asleep! There are still nights where she wakes up crying and we have to go calm her - at almost 2 years! Wonder if the day ever comes where bedtime/sleeping becomes "easy!" Thank goodness they are so worth those sleepless nights!