January 15, 2010

16 at 16

  1. She's really into symmetry. If she brings you one shoe from the closet, you can bet your bottom dollar that the match is on it's way. And you'd better put them on. Same goes for kisses and tricks. If mom gets a kiss, so does dad and anyone else that's in the room. If you ask her where her nose is not only will she show you, but she will also touch yours, dad's, grandma's and the stranger's sitting across the room.
  2. She's got the most expressive face. The other day I put her in a sweater that was too small. She lifted both her arms up, twisted side to side and gave me a look that said, "Mom. Seriously? What are you thinking?"

  3. Her eyes are still in flux. Some days they are hazel, other times brown, and on a rare day, blue.
  4. Almost all of her 'words' are monosyllabic and are missing the last few letters. Although she does turn more into a two syllable word. Mow-uh, with the uh really high-pitched.
  5. She really loves her bottle. Given the choice of a sippy cup of milk and a bottle of water she will pick the bottle.
  6. Listening to her sing is one of my favorite things on this earth.
  7. She has four teeth coming in, and then we are DONE! Well, at least for a year or so.
  8. If she makes a "mess," a relatively common occurrence, she wants it cleaned up right away. However, I think we may need to narrow the definition of the word. The other day she was in the bath and splashed water on her arm. "Mess! Mess! Mess!"
  9. Finally figured out animal sounds.
  10. Hearing evidence of aviation stops her in her tracks. Eyes and pointer finger reach for the sky until she finds the source. Her father's daughter indeed.
  11. We are on the Nursery countdown. Our ward has the best nursery leader. February, here we come. Sacrament meeting, on the other hand....still struggling.
  12. We wish our cousins and grandmas and aunts lived closer. And our friends Lily and Bea, too.
  13. We are grateful for our friends who live close. Keeps us sane. That and the Discovery Gateway Museum. Love that place.
  14. She likes it when you whisper in her ear.
  15. She says Mom 500 times a day. Maybe more. "Uh" used to be the catch-all word. It is now "ma."
  16. A very boring video. But if you're a grandma, you can see her fold her arms, say "more" (twice), "mmm", "no" "mama" and stuff her face full of food, only to spit it all out. One of our favorite tricks.


Thayer said...

Can't wait to see it all for myself!

(strawberries and pasta? I better make something that's a little more appetizing)

Danielle said...

I love how her voice always goes up in pitch at the end of words. Its so cute. So Ella.

Todd and Megan said...

She is just too cute for words! So happy that I got the chance to spend some time with both of you the other day!!!

packermom said...

Love the 16 things!! What a great way to remember her at each stage. You (and Lauren) are so good to do that! Of course, I love the video.....even spitting out food it fun when you don't get to see her that often!!

Britt Chudleigh said...

Your kid is cute. Period.

Anonymous said...

I just love reading your blog. Ella is the cutest little girl!
-Heidi S.