October 1, 2009


Venice at night. It doesn't get much better. My favorite evening of the trip. Venice during the day...let's just say we wandered, and decided that perhaps the locals have it figured out: a siesta is the perfect way to avoid the hoards of tourists. Plus, you're nice and rested to live it up again come nightfall.

Those Europeans. So smart.

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Amelia Hohl said...

Yes, tourists in Venezia can be a downer, but at least you're there in Oct and not Aug. Also, I couldn't agree more with your tale of three cities . . . san gimigniano is another great town about the size of Assisi. And the villa near Todi looked great--I don't think I've been to Todi but Amelia always speaks highly of it. Look forward to hearing about your trip when you get home --