October 5, 2009

dear noelle...

thank you for your insider information on this place

the food was wonderful and the ambiance...unparalleled.

as for this place,

we are not sure that it is the one you recommended, as there were two with similar names.

never mind, we found this guy

who, instead of giving us menus just told us what we wanted to eat that night.

and he was right.


as way of thanks, may we recommend this place

no name, but you can find it here

if you ever want an amazing salad in rome, and who doesn't after all those carbs, look no further.

much love,
the packers and wrides

1 comment:

noelle regina said...

oh i'm so glad you guys loved antonios! it's one of my favs. was the little old man the host for the evening? and the red bike out front?

i'm so jealous of your trip.
beyond jealous.

bacci e abracci