June 25, 2009

Good Story

A few weeks ago my sister Jamie cracked the screen on her iPhone. She tossed it onto the bed where it proceeded to bounce directly into wall, somehow hitting the screen. She was upset but hopeful that she could get it replaced for free. After all, both Kimmy and I cracked our screens and got new phones out of it.

So, she called up her friend who works at the Apple Store. No luck. She made an appointment at the genious bar. They couldn't help either.

Luckily for her new iPhones had just been released, along with newly slashed prices. So she got a new phone for 200 bucks instead of 400. When she went to pick it up the folks at the Apple Store turned off her old phone and tried to activate the new one. But they ran into a little glich. Then they ran into a big glich.

hours later Jamie finally left the store with her new phone. During those 6 hours she never got upset or impatient. She just hung out and politely surfed the web. At the end of the day the manager pulled her aside and said, "I noticed that your old iPhone has a cracked screen. Because you've been so great I'd like to replace it for you." When the clerk asked the manager what to put down as the reason for the exchange he stated, "Most patient customer EVER."

Now she has the new 3GS iPhone for $200 and a brand new replacement for her old phone, which she listed on Craigs List for $200 (and quickly heard from a boatload of interested buyers.) She is going to come out ahead on this deal.

So you see, patience is a virtue.


Janice said...

I love this story.

Jocie said...

Wow! Good for Jamie. I don't think I could be patient for 6 HOURS. I also don't get to go shopping alone, so that would help.

Jamie Wride said...

sold for $250! I am one lucky girl.

packermom said...

Way to go Jamie! You're an inspiration to us all!