June 28, 2009

10 @ 10

1. Early on Ella learned that when she is nearing the end of her bottle, she needs to tip it up to get the last few sucks. She can't figure out why that doesn't work with her straw sippy cup. It gets low, she tilts it back. She looks at me like, "Mom. What is going on? This is supposed to work!"

2. She loves balls. I picked up a watermelon in the grocery store to weigh it. She was enthralled--and cried when I put it back.


3. She can stand for about 15 seconds. Sometimes she thinks it is fun, but most of the time once she realizes she is standing unassisted she plops down or grabs onto me for dear life.

4. She shakes her head "no" when she doesn't want something. We think it is cute now...


5. She has finally learned a sign. "All done" may like a wave to you, but to the discerning eye there is a distinct difference.


6. She had her first swim! She wasn't sure about it. A little scared, a little enthralled.

7. "Mom" and "Dad" are starting to take on meaning, and she understands some of what we say. "Can you wave at the bus?" produces a wave. "Put your binky in the crib," results in a quick binky drop. It absolutely amazes me to watch her little brain develop.


8. Ever since she saw her friend Avery race up the stairs she thinks she is a climber, too. She can do about 4 stairs. Again, we think it is cute now...

9. She thinks it is really funny when she sneezes. She laughs and laughs.

10. She had her first taste of sugar. A snow cone at the 2009 Granite South Stake Family Fun Day with Aunt Kimmy. She did like it.



Thayer said...
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Jessica said...

Love the toe nails!

packermom said...

Such a little cutie. I can't wait to see her.

Todd and Megan said...

She is darling...getting so big!

Danielle said...

great photos! love that girl.

thanks for letting us play with her today;)

Unknown said...

Kimmy....way to go on giving her some sugar! She has been deprived too long. Love the photos!