June 4, 2009

9 at 9

Ella had her 9 month check today. I realized that my pediatrician understood my proclivity to overthink things when after 2 minutes of watching her play he stated, "There is no way you could convince me that there is anything wrong with her."

Just for the record, I had no intention of trying to convince him that there was anything wrong with our perfect little girl.

1. Stats: 17 lbs 14 ounces (22%), 28 1/4 inches (66%)

2. Tricks: waving, crawling, standing for brief (very brief) intervals

3. Sounds: da-da-da (happy sound), bababa, mmhu-mmhu-mmhu (sleepy sound), mamama, ye-ye-ye, ka (I've only heard it twice)

4. Dependencies: Miralax & the Sleep Sack (seen above)

5. Favorite book: Charlie Harper ABC's
6. Worst behavior: While dad was trying to change a dirty diaper she crawled away and peed on the rug. What a way to start a Sunday.

7. Favorite new toy: the door jam. Listen to that excited breathing.

8. First cheese roll-up:

9. Cuddling: It's rare, but when it happens...she could ask for the moon and we'd happily oblige.


Thayer said...

cute update, Al, love the army crawl and door jam video. I can't believe a pediatrician gave her that whole tortilla, but it makes for a great picture ;)

Alissa said...

I took the tortilla away post-picture. Although she did choke a little on the small piece I gave her. It may be her last cheese roll-up for a while.

Jessica said...

I am firmly convinced cuddling is life's little way of telling parents "Hang in there, you're doing ok" Even when it feels like you have no clue what you're doing. Harm will come sit and snuggle at the oddest times, it's great.

Janice said...

I love the eating the cheese roll-up picture. That is one big bite.