February 11, 2009

Sunny Skies

It's one of those gray, blagh, days. I'm waiting for Ella to wake up so we can go and buy supplies for a V-Day craft in an attempt to lift our spirits. (Well, my spirits. Ella's happy as a clam). While I'm waiting I thought I'd post some pictures of Ella. Grandma Lota came over for dinner last week and we got the 4-gen pic for posterity's sake.


Camie said...

On top of being adorable, what a great disposition--she is such a fun-loving, happy girl.

kimmy girl said...

i had a blah day too! we should have blahed together. i went to a movie to try to lift my spirits. he's just not that into you sucks. dont see it.

love you.hope the v-day cards turned out!

Thayer said...

love the denim dress

packermom said...

Seeing Ella's beautiful happy face lifted MY spirits.....have been sick all week, and feeling a little cabin fever. Ella makes everything better!

Happy Valentines Day!