February 6, 2009

Conversations from the Corner Office

Don't worry, this medical mumbo jumbo won't take over my blog. But I wanted to let it be known that Strep is making it's way through Nurseries, Playgroups and Schools throughout the Wasatch Front. Today we saw a whole gaggle of kids with the nasty bug. Here in Utah it is particularly important to get treated because we have a very virulent strain. So...if your little one has a sore throat, fever, stomach ache, vomiting, headache or any combination of the above...get them tested. If you have cough, runny nose, etc, it is probably not strep.

Just so the grandmas don't shoot me, here's a picture of Ella.


Lisa said...

Hi Alissa, I love your blog and your baby is adorable, I can't wait to meet her in person! I have a question about your nursery - I have those alphabet cards also and am trying to do something with them. I love what you made for Ella! How did you do it? I have a big wall space to cover and it would work perfectly. Anyway, Ella is so cute, congrats on the boards, the iphone app, and being such a good mom!

Jocie said...

Aww that is such a cute picture!

momharm said...

so.. if the grand kids were here and we all spent five+ days with high fever, headache, body ache, cough that is still hanging on, do you go get tested for strep or is it to late?? What happens if you don't treat it? I'm a grandma!!!! shouldn't I know the answer to this??? All I do know is that I haven't been this sick in 10 years! This stuff is wicked!
Aunt Tam

Alissa said...

Aunt Tam--Sounds like the flu (influenza, not the stomach flu) rather than strep. Strep doesn't usually have a cough. There is treatment for the flu, but you have to start it within 1-2 days of symptoms, and this year it doesn't work great (see PSA #1). The one thing about this year's flu is that it can also cause pneumonia, so if the cough is really lingering and bothersome, it might be worth getting checked out.

**Note to readers--medical advice over the blog is even worse than medical advice over the phone, so take this for what it's worth.

Danielle said...

Well Avery happened to throw up the very night I read this. But it was a one time deal preceded by very hard crying. And no fever or anything else. I am pretty sure its her teeth.

She did throw up all over her carseat, so that was fun to take apart.

CUTE picture of Ella. She is getting so much more expressive.

Camie said...

I just got rid of Strep. Now I'm on to something else. Will I never learn to wash my hands before eating?