April 8, 2012


One of my favorite things about the Easter fluff (because really, everything besides celebrating Christ's Atonement and resurrection is really just fluff) is the tradition of an Easter Dress. From time to time come early April my sisters and I will get a call or an email or a text...

"Go buy yourself an Easter dress. With shoes. Love, Mom."

You feel a little silly. 33-years old, two kids, and mom is still buying you an Easter dress?? But that feeling is quickly overridden by how much fun it is to get a no strings attached new dress. The typical occasions that warrant a new dress (speaking in Stake Conference/obligatory occasions ie wedding/funeral/work function) are often filled with a serious down side.  But not the Easter dress. Spring wardrobe spruce-up. I love it. And I love my mom for doing it for us. 

I really wanted to get a great picture of us in our Easter dresses, but it was not to be. Not a good one in the bunch. My favorite is the one that is missing our heads. Skills, Dad. Skills. I am just realizing that my shoes (the best part) never made it in. Soft leather orange ballet flats. Next time we'll be put together. 



And in case you were wondering....here's Kimmy and Jamie. They got their dresses from asos and LOVED them.


Jessica said...

Very cute, all of you, but Anna's dress is my favorite!

Camie said...

I can visualize the soft leather orange flats. Very, very cute.

Camie said...

Can't wait to hear more from Beijing