April 23, 2012

Beijing Day 2

For my second day in Beijing I was flying solo. I took a cab to the Forbidden City and spent the best 20 bucks of the trip. Meet Emmy: tour guide. Her English was so-so. Her zeal was fantastic.

From here I took a rickshaw ride through a typical Beijing neighborhood and stopped at a tea house. Cool, but probably a rip-off.

I went to the Silk Market and bargained my way through all 6 floors. They even hemmed my pants. $1.50. Sweet. From there I had a slightly sketchy cab ride, but was fine.

For dinner we experienced Hot Pot. Melting Pot, Chinese style. It was fantastic. You make your own little dipping sauce at a Chinese salsa bar, of sorts. Sesame-infused goodness. Then you swish-swish your thinly sliced meats in the savory boiling pot and dip it in your sauce. As the night goes on they fill the pot with vegetables, seasoning and at the end they bring out the Chinese equivalent of tossing pizza dough--"dancing noodles." Yum, yum.

Beijing was fascinating, dirty, polluted, crowded, expansive and definitely foreign.

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Jocie said...

We went to a hot pot restaurant in PC. At Kimball junction no less. It was yummy, interesting and we ended with soup. It was a different experience. Like fondue, but you make your own soup.