January 16, 2012

Things I will likely forget if I don't write them down somewhere

We enjoy "Ella: The Musical!" 24/7.  I wish I had a recording of it, but I never know when she's going to break out in song. "Can I get some milk...please??!!??" "I don't want to go to bed....now." I think it's thanks to the Wonder Pets who are good little singers.

Ella is the squirmiest little sleeper/ cuddler. She can't hold still to save her life. (In med school my friends diagnosed me with restless leg syndrome...can't imagine where she gets it.)

Anna is a busy thing. So different from Ella. With Ella there wasn't really a need to keep things out of reach. With Anna every drawer in the house would be emptied given the chance.

Anna is trying to learn to whistle. She purses her lips and makes a noise.

Anna gives Ella hugs and kisses. It melts my heart.

Ella's imagination continues to expand. Her "kids" to date: Ah, Dah, Saw, Vah, Nah, Eda-pho-Eda, Grassie, Hensie and now Ella. She told me this morning that "Ella does not listen to me! She will not do what I tell her to! She is just too busy."

Ells will carry on with her kids as well as the Wonder Pets, Dora and Blue. I'll often reply to something she says only to be told, "I'm talking to Linny." Sorry. My mistake.

Ella's memory astounds me. She honestly remembers more than I do.

I stopped nursing Anna when she was 9 months old. I was slowing down, and then when I got the stomach flu over Thanksgiving I was done for. I couldn't eat or drink and lost my milk. Still, I'm happy to have made it that long.

Ella was getting out of bed a few times a night for various things. A cup of water, going to the bathroom, finding her teddy bear. Combined with Anna's midnight prowl it was getting to be too much. So I did a sleep training refresher course with Anna (I was surprised at how easy it was) and made a sticker chart with Ella. (This worked great!) It was magic. Ella has not gotten out of bed once since we started. Today she earned her first prize, a harmonica. Anna follows her around trying to imitate the noise.


Danielle said...

1. You have exceptionally cute children.
2. that's not the same coat Avery has.
3. Anna gives Ella hugs and kisses...Ollie hits Avery in the face and laughs. Its his new game. He thinks its hilarious.
4. Every drawer in our house does get emptied. How do you stop that?
5. Avery has an imaginary friend named Avery but she says she is not imaginary but is real. I think she may be copying Ella though. Also she is dying to come play with the fruit stand. She has brough tit up at least 10 times since we saw you.

Thayer said...

Great pictures!

Jamie Wride said...

i have restless leg syndrome too. ava's favorite game is emptying out drawers as well. cute photos! i miss those girls.

Lauren said...

I could not sit through Wonder Pets to save my life, but I love that my kids love it. The songs, especially the teamwork one, are so cute. Our house is a living musical, too.

kimmy girl said...

i love the pic of ell and the snowman and sweet anna holding her toes. oh my...get them on a plane please!

Campbell Family said...

Ella is such a character! I love that she has all those imaginary friends, that must be so entertaining!