January 2, 2012


I'm not great at resolutions, but honestly, who is? (Remember this? Still working on it in 2012) This year I am going to try a different approach. First introduced to me by a wise friend, you pick a theme, or a word, to try and embody during the year.  

So, for 2012...


Based off of this quote:


A tall order, I know. But if by 2013 I am a little better than I am in 2011 I will count it a success. 

Hopefully more so than my posture...


My talented friend Karisa designed the quote for me to hang--I love it!!


alisha said...

I think that is a great resolution. I have a quote about charity from C.S. Lewis that I go back to all the time to remind myself to have more charity.

And I love the idea of a one word resolution. Last year I wrote out a resolution for myself, but really only one word would come to remind me of my goal throughout the year. Good luck with your resolution!

packermom said...

I love the way the quote is highlighted to remind us of the important words.......great idea.

Camie said...

Thanks, AL!! Beautiful.