November 24, 2011

the thanksgiving that was not to be

This was going to be a great Thanksgiving. Jamie and Taylor were flying in and we were all headed down to St. George. Ryan was taking the week off and we were going to head down early, on Tuesday. But Tuesday came and Ryan came down with a cold. So we held off until Wednesday. But Wednesday came and Anna developed an ear infection. So we held off until Thursday (when everyone else was heading down--we were celebrating on Friday). But Thursday came and I was up all night throwing up and Ryan was up all night coughing. So we sent Ella with Grandma Sue and had a non-Thanksgiving lying on the couch and watching bad HGTV. I'm still holding out hope that tomorrow will be the day and Ryan and I will head down south and join the gang. Ella is really excited about the "feast with the whole family" that she learned about in preschool. When I told her that Daddy and I weren't going to be there she said, "Well, we will just have a feast with the rest of the family."


Danielle said...

Oh no! How sad. Hope you guys are feeling better.
I was totally picturing you basking in the sun yesterday.

Avery was throwing up all night too. What a bummer week.

packermom said...

Oh, I'm so sad for you. I hope you're feeling better today. And I was lying around watching bad HGTV and feeling sorry for myself cause we didn't have any family around. At least we weren't throwing up!

Thayer said...

Bummer, hope you're better