November 1, 2011

Room Tour

 Kimmy asked me to put up some pictures of my new furniture. I had visions of a really great post, with close-up pictures that make everything look all artsy (but are probably just hiding the peeling paint or the junk on the floor). You know, Design Mom style.  But I finally realized that wasn't going to happen and I'd better just take some shots and throw it out there. I'm still looking for a few final pieces, but here's our almost finished family room.

On the wall are the vintage postcards Jamie and I found in Rome. They are really cool and were $1 each.

This is a knock-off of this. I was really pleased with how it turned out (it's better in person). I bought sea urchins on eBay and took it to Brushworks where they put it together for a fraction of the cost of the original.

Kimmy & Chris made this for me for Christmas. I love it.


kimmy girl said...

I LOVE how it all came together. My favorite is the wall above the couch. I love all your frames together. I cant believe you made the sea urchin frame. It looks just like the original! well done

Sharon said...

Everything looks great. I LOVE the genealogy wheel. Grandpa Boyd had a circular chart he made years ago so this reminds me of him.

Lauren said...

Looks great! I love it!

packermom said...

Your whole house looks great. Want to come help me?

Camie said...

What a calm space. I really enjoy just even looking looking at it. Reminds me of both you and your home growing up.