June 19, 2011

neither here nor there

  • i ♥ jamie oliver. I am so in favor of the Food Revolution. Knowing what you are eating; preferably whole, natural, unprocessed foods. Especially in our schools. I'm loving this season and going to go back and watch last season. That doesn't mean I didn't just eat a chocolate marshmallow brownie. I did. 

  • Anna might be the sweetest baby in the world. I am loving this newborn period. Nursing her is a great experience, not angst ridden like it was with Ella. Having enough milk makes all the difference. 

  • A baby announcements that I sent to a friend in Italy was returned to me. Apparently Lucia has moved. Thankfully this box wasn't checked: "Sorry for not having delivered this submission as the recipient is....deceased." Those Italians. Tell it like it is.

  • Ryan and I had our 10 year anniversary last week. We went out for dinner to celebrate and I thought we were going here. I was a little surprised when we ended up here. And Ryan was a little surprised that I thought we were going to celebrate 10 years together at a deli. 

  • The Podium Girls are one of my favorite things about professional cycling. This may be one of my favorite outfits yet. You can't fully appreciate it because the mid-calf bike jersey/pant suit with white stilettos aren't in the video, but still, it's pretty great. (No need to watch the whole thing. First 15 seconds will suffice.)                                                     The "I missed the Royal Wedding, but made the Tour de Suisse" girls weren't bad either.

  • Just bought our tickets for Ben Folds. This is 2 years in a row. Feeling very hip. And a little old, because I think that possibly only people over 30 like Ben Folds.

  • I've made this recipe twice, and liked it both times. I cooked it longer than it called for. 

  • Ella often says, "Why were you making their mouth go like that?" Translation: What does that expression on your face mean? Why are you happy, surprised, upset? It is funniest when she says it in reference to an illustration in one of her books--"Why is Boots making his mouth go like that?"
  • Happy Father's Day.  If you are Ella's Pa you got one of these, and you loved it.


    Janice said...

    We are Ben Folds fans at our house too. And, we are older than you.

    Sharon said...

    Ella's picture is adorable and I think Anna may be the sweetest baby in the world. She was so good when I saw her on Mother's Day.