June 3, 2011

first friend

I was searching through some old photos the other day and happened upon these pictures. Travis and I were initially friends by circumstance--our parents were friends in college and we only had each other. Then in college we became friends again, this time by choice. Our daughters are now little besties, which I love. Good friends, then and now.

"Big Trav" and "Baby Al"  We are 4 months apart. Love the accessories and the pose.

I am ET. Obviously.


Thayer said...

Slightly frightening height difference, i'd like to see a current photo of the 2 of you. Love the costume :)

Janice said...

These are great photos.

Jessica said...

That ET costume made me laugh out loud! And the size difference b/n you and Trav is pretty amazing.

Woodengirl said...

The height difference between Al and Trav is a bit similar to the height difference between Al's dad and Trav's dad. Can't escape genetics. Boy, those pictures bring back good memories Al. I think it is great that Avery and Ella are such good friends. It makes three generations of friendship between our families.