August 10, 2010


This year we decided to spend a few days together in our favorite resort town. Do some of the things tourists do. Like...
  • the alpine slide {except there was a moose on the track, and they are "meaner than a bear" so we didn't get to do that one}
  • the alpine zip line {except there were three drops of rain and "any one of you could get hurt," so we skipped that one too. But we got a sweet ride down Park City Mountain Resort in a suburban. Plus a refund--bonus.}
  • eating a onion rings and a BLT pizza at your favorite restaurant on Main Street
  • bingo on the deck with really good {and a few not so good} prizes
  • bowling
  • shopping {yeah, we hit the outlet mall. hard.}
  • movie night
  • golf tourney {way to go, boys}
  • and lots and lots and lots of good food
Somehow we didn't take any pictures until the last night, and these are off of someone's phone. We're loving the new deck and the Park City weather.

Thanks, Ma and Pa!


Jessica said...

The deck looks great!! How fun to have a family vacation, even if it's at home. That's probably the only way we could ever do a family trip!

Sue said...

Jamie should have been in the picture instead of me! What was that look on my face?