August 30, 2010

2 years old

  • She has a special voice when she wants to be sweet, or when she wants something. Softer, high-pitched. Darling.
  • She is very good at telling you what she does not like. "I no yike it when you tell me to go to the car....I no yike it when you put shoes on my feets...I no YIKE that_______ (Mommy, Daddy, Avery)!"

  • She is still a little OCD/organized (can't decide which side of the line she'll end up on). For example, she has to strap up her shoes before putting them away.
  • She sometimes refers to me as,"My friend Mommy." Melts my heart.

  • She loves riding the train with Pa Pa (Grandpa Paul) and seeing "Baby Ho-ho-hi" or "Mommy Ho-ho-hi" on top of the temple. If they are at an angle where the statue looks small it is Baby, or if they are close up it is Mommy.

  • She can't figure out the k sound. She calls Chris "Tis," our neighbor Kim "Tim" and Kimmy "Pea-hee." She used to call Kimmy Mee, but all of the sudden one day she became Pea-hee. It took us forever to figure out what she was saying.
  • If she goes to bed after 8:30 it is almost guaranteed that she will wake up during the night. She is getting her molars, and I hope this new phase phases out soon.
  • She is really thoughtful. When we were eating cupcakes Kimmy said, "I like frosting, too." Ella immediately said, "Want one?"
  • She does not like water in her face or sand on her feet. Maybe we need to spend more time at the beach.

  • Her birthday celebration was low-key and she loved it. So did I. You live, you learn.


Thayer said...

Happy Birthday, Ella! She looks very happy and like the daughter of a businessman from China :)

packermom said...

Adorable little birthday girl! Wish I could have been their! We love you, Ella!!

Unknown said...

She is so darling. I can't believe she is two. OK really - when are we going to get together again?

Soup Kids said...
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Soup Kids said...

We just stopped by to check in on you and Ollie started saying "Cute! Cute!" and pointing to Ella when we got to this post. I'm glad to find out he has good taste, although we'll have to talk about that while "don't date your relatives" thing.