April 16, 2010


So, the weather was on the wet and cold side, we spent around 65+ hours on a plane/car/airport, and one of our most anticipated activities was cancelled. And, yet, we had one of our favorite trips ever. We loved New Zealand and would go back in a heartbeat.

I couldn't pick a blog-appropriate number of photos, so I put my favorites on Picasa.

New Zealand


Thayer said...

I love your rainbow picture, looks like fun!

packermom said...

beautiful pictures!

Amelia Hohl said...

justin here: you got some nice shots, especially of golfing, which may be my lasting memory of q'town. too bad we didn't get any jet boat action shots and too bad the pictures don't even begin to do it justice. anyway, awesome trip and i can't wait to bring amelia to NZ!