April 28, 2010

ella at 20 months

  • My favorite age so far. Hands down.
  • Her vocabulary is great. She said "I want drink water" this morning. But her speech is not so hot. She still makes noises, not really words, so what she really said was, "Aya deek wa." It's odd, though. When she first learns a word she says it clearly. But once she gets it down she condenses it into a noise. We can't deicide if she is being lazy or efficient.
  • Still loves dogs. I worry about her getting hurt because she has no fear. She loves it when they lick her, so she shoves her hand in their mouth. Totally safe, right?
  • She has a mullet. Yep. Full on.
  • We walk to the water feature in our neighborhood every day. "Wa? Wa? Wa?"
  • She loves her little friend Avery. If we forget to pray for "Vrey" we have to say the prayer again.

This picture is taken after they saw each other across the park, ran with open arms to one another and hugged. No prompt necessary.
  • She says "Yeeaahh!" and "Noooohhhh..." with conviction
  • Favorite food: pasta.
  • She loves her play food and her kitchen. She has figured out the whole pretend thing and will fill her glass with water or milk, and then pour it out on the ground, "Oht ohh!" and then clean it up. Pretty cute.
  • Favorite number: nine. She knows two {yeah, can't figure out 1}, three, four...nine! Anything above four is 9.
  • She waddles side to side when she runs.
She likes to "smile" for pictures


Todd and Megan said...

So cute...and that picture with her little friend is priceless!

Thayer said...

so cute...wish she and Lily could meet at the park and hug eachother

packermom said...
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