September 17, 2009

Peach Days

Ella's got Brigham City in her blood.

Grandma Sue {Harman} and Grandpa Doug {Packer} are both from the BC, so it's only right that she celebrate Peach Days. And celebrate we did. We hit Maddox, a late night carnival, the Fireman's Breakfast, the parade, Peach City Drive Inn, Idle Isle, and of course, brought home some peaches to can and jam. Can't wait til next year.

made entirely of fruit's and vegetables. how can you beat that?

riding on fire trucks

Brigham City's finest

germs? what germs?

*thanks to Brad Packer for the pics


alisha said...

I love the picture of Ella kissing the doggie. What a sweet little girl!

Jamie Wride said...

Wish I could have been there! I made peach pie in honor of the event.

packermom said...

Thanks for the effort to be there. I miss the sweet grandkids. Thanks everyone for the great photos.

I am savoring each Brigham city peach that I carried home!