September 5, 2009

12 at 12

  1. After going through a phase where she hated hats, she now loves them.
  2. She has turned cuddly. She gives hugs and kisses all the time. Especially to her toys and books.
  3. Unfortunately for her, she inherited her mom's super fine hair. I have already seen a split end.
  4. Going outside to "see the birds" will stop any amount of crying or fussing. If there happens to be a dog outside...heaven.
  5. Favorite foods: pasta, tomatoes, milk. She goes through fruit phases. Used to be blueberries. Now peaches. Just tried pickles and got a big mmmmmm.
  6. We are attempting a little experiment: potty training. { "very European," my pediatrician said. was that a dig or a compliment? beth--you might know.} Yesterday she woke up, went in the potty, stood up and proceeded to go on the floor. Progress?
  7. She needs 2 naps a day but only wants 1.
  8. She got her 12 month vaccines last week. Even though I give my "shots do not cause autism" speech on a daily basis, and I truly believe that shots do not cause autism, I did pause and think, "What if Jenny McCarthy is right?" It is different when it's your own kid. (I still gave her all her shots, plus the flu vaccine.)
  9. 80% for length, 33% for weight, 90% for head.
  10. If I need to get anything done online, I open one window for me and one window for her. I've watched Maggie the counting dog wow Oprah more than once.
  11. She has loads of teeth. Three on top, three on bottom, upper and lower molars on the right, working on the lower left. There is a night and day difference in her happiness level when she is teething. Heaven help us through these last two molars.
  12. She starts to boogie whenever she hears music.


Thayer said...

what is the difference between height and length? (This may be one of your subconscious things like the Santa advent calendar with the long lean face :))

Alissa said...

whoops--i meant weight

Todd and Megan said...

Love the pictures of her party...can not believe that she is already a year old! She is absolutely darling! My kinda girl diggin the must be going crazy!

kimmy girl said...

she is growing up!! my favorite is the hugs and the kisses. we will take it!!

packermom said...

Can't believe it has been a year since we held this beautiful little glad she is part of our lives!

Unknown said...

She is not your daughter if she likes pickles. Must have got that from Ryan. And I am so sad I am missing the hugs and kisses!