August 10, 2009


For the past week or two I have been trying to capture one of Ella's latest tricks. She says "mmm" after eating something she likes. While I never really captured it (a surprised, happy, delightful "mmmm") we did document a few other fun things that she does:

  • "mom," loud and clear
  • so excited I pant like I'm a dog
  • head tilt (is she trying to be cute? Is she tired? I can't figure it out--she does this frequently, often putting her hand up to her ear with a "I am an 80s pop star" look...)
  • real cough followed by the fake cough (Grandma Sue's favorite)
  • no, no, no
  • attempting to eat with a spoon

This next video is from when we were in Minnesota a few weeks ago.


Thayer said...

cute clips, I love the one of her trying to drink the baby food out of the jar. Is she wearing a geisha dress in the last one?

Danielle said...

Oh she is getting so big! She is so good with a spoon too.


packermom said...

I love every second of them! Thanks!

Unknown said...

Something is wrong with the second video...not working at the moment. But I love the first one, especially when she tries to eat with a spoon. It's almost like a catapult...good thing you have the mat under her.

kimmy girl said...

very good performance ella bella. all her tricks right in a row. now we just need to learn to blow kisses.

Molly Bice-Jackson said...

so cute! makes me miss my little girl. i should read your blog more... you have great travel/airfare tips! i'm always up for a trip back east or to europe. a gal who reads my blog wants to get in touch with you--says she's an old roommate of yours. her screen/blog name is miggy, but her real name amy webb. (can't remember her maiden name).

she's awesome! and so are you. i love the gifts you gave to peter. thank you thank you. we should get together next time you are in pc. no?

Miggy said...


'Tis me, your old roomie Ms. Mignon... South house, gardens, couch covers...Ring a bell? How are you? Good to find you on the ol' internet...I knew it would be good for something. So you're a doctor and a mom! How exciting... what else is new? We were actually in the same ward as Justin and Amelia a few years ago.