April 19, 2009

Beck and Jer

Did you see the new button on my sidebar? Did you wonder, who is Beck? Who is Jer?

Well, Jeremy is one of my very most favorite people in the whole world. We went to medical school and residency together. He is one of those rare people who is universally liked. I honestly have never heard anyone speak ill of him (which is something I can't say for many residents...we are sometimes a little catty. It's the lack of sleep and abundance of stress, I'm sure.)

Anyway, he is really a great person, and he and his wife have been through some tough times. They are trying to adopt a baby and have created a web page to help their cause. You can check it out here. His sister-in-law is the infamous cjane, and she blogged about them here. She does a much better job than I of singing their praises, but I would echo everything she said. Check it out. Maybe the blogosphere can help this deserving family.


Jessica said...

What a small world it is. I love reading Cjane's blog. I have heard about this situation and I hope they are able to find a little baby. They seem like a very deserving family.

Todd and Megan said...

Thanks for posting this...I will add it to mine as well!