April 2, 2009


Since Ella was born I have become a shoplifter.  Not the kind that wants free stuff. Not the kind that gets a thrill out of it. The kind that has a cart occupied by a car seat and/or diaper bag. Multiple times I have gone through the check-out line, paid for my purchases and upon loading them into my car find something hidden beneath the car seat that constitutes stolen goods. So then I have to load Ella back up and take the said item back to the store. By this point I'm so annoyed that I don't purchase the item; I just leave it inside and cut my losses. Since Ella is sitting in the cart now I thought my keifing days were over. 


Yesterday I was at Jo-Anne's and hidden under the diaper bag was a spool of thread. I had purchased multiple spools and couldn't find my receipt, so I wasn't sure if I had paid for it or not. It was also snowing and cold, so I took my chances and left. Today I looked over my receipt, and it turns out I have successfully shoplifted from Jo-Anne. So now I have to go back, pay for the stupid spool (or just leave it, which is what I'll probably do) and clear my conscience of the $2.49. 

You'd think I would learn.


packermom said...

Reminds me of the time Ryan (as a one year old) chewed up a packaged zipper at the fabric store......I had to pay for it. I think I still have it.

Bridget said...

Wait until Ella startrs randomly grabbing things! Then, not only do you have hidden things in your cart, but she manages to grab something and you not realize it! It's a never-ending learning process, this Mom thing, isn't it!?!

Niki said...

This has happened to me a couple of times. I agree, just wait until Ella can grab random things and you end up actually paying for something that you just put on the conveyor belt with the rest of the stuff. I ended up with some random piece of hardware to some random piece of furniture that I don't own from Target once. Culprit=Cole

Todd and Megan said...

that is so funny...good for you for being so honest!

Amelia Hohl said...

Bea and Henry did the same the other day with some buttons in Jo-Anns. I went in and made Henry give them to the customer service counter. Today we were in the same store where Henry wrote on the walls with poo and he was freaking out again about not being allowed to buy candy and I took a piece of 33 cent chocolate out of his hands, which was squished and now totally unsellable, and threw it back into the bin. We had already checked out and there was a long line and my kids were both crying. I had to get out. I'm still repenting for my sins.