December 14, 2008

Fridays with Dad

Ella has been lucky enough to have two really great Mom-substitutes while Mom works. On Tuesday Grandma Sue gets to see the smiles. On Friday, Ryan takes over. He has done a fantastic job. He sends me pictures throughout the day and when I come home he satisfies my OCD by giving me a sticky note that documents the events of the day. Come January 1 he runs out of the vacation days that have let him stay home...but it's been a good run. Here are some pictures he took last time he was in charge.

p.s. Christmas Cards are going out Tuesday. If you want one, send me your address. Even if you think I know it. Maybe I can't ever remember your zip code, now matter how many times I've written it. You know who you are.


packermom said...

Way to go Dad....are you sure you can't stay home with her every Friday?

She is the cutest ballerina ever!!!

Thayer said...

06896 ;)

Todd and Megan said...

She is so cute!!! I am dying to see her in person...will be there for a week in Feburary!