August 17, 2008

She's a stubborn one...

We gave it the old college try. In fact, we gave it three tries. But the girl likes her home as it is. After the three version attempts her head had moved from my right upper quadrant to my left upper quadrant, but wasn't going any farther. Before we had even left the hospital she had slid back into her happy place. So, that leaves us with a C-section on August 29th at 3 pm. The more I've learned about c-sections, the less excited I am. But on the bright side, here are few of the bonuses:
1) Breech babies don't sit on your bladder, so you can hold it almost like a normal person
2) You get to pick her birthday, and think about things like whether or not she will be the oldest or youngest in her grade
3) No middle of the night awakenings and rushing to the hospital
4) You can't lift anything over 10 pounds for six weeks (who knew it took so long to heal???) so you get to ask your husband to help you with all kinds of things
5) You only have to be pregnant for 38 weeks and 6 days
6) No labor, no tearing. Just nice and neat incisions (think positively, think positively)

In other news, on Saturday I got to see my friends Megan and Amber from med school. Megan flew in from LA to throw me a fantastic baby shower. Hats off to Megan, Amber and Keri who went all out to make this a memorable day. And extra props to Keri who hosted it at her house despite an unexpected family emergency. You guys are the best. I got all kinds of great practical
things off my registry that I have been wanting--a diaper gene, car mirror, baby soap, a swaddler and a robe just to name a few. Plus some great books, outfits and music. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Celebrating the "bun in the oven"

Alissa and Alyssa

Megan, Amber and Kami

Keri, looking amazingly calm


Meg said...

Good luck Allisa! I hope all goes well, we are excited for you guys! My Mom is here in Hawaii helping me with our baby and we wanted to say hi.

jonna said...

Hey Alissa. I was blog surfing and found you through Joice T. Anyway, I thought I would ease some of your fears about c-section. I had a c-section with taylor and I wouldn't change it for the other way. Yeah it was a little painful the first few days and awkward for awhile, but it was so easy. I was scheduled but she came 2 days before that so I was so "lucky" to have the labor pains. something I was hoping I would get to skip.

I can't believe you tried the version 3 times! I did it once and said I will never to that again. If my baby is breech I am good...give me the c-section. You are brave...

anyway, good luck with the birth and thanks for lettin me "stalk" your blog!

amber said...

August 29th huh? We will be waiting to see pics and reports of healthy mom and baby! Good luck with the C-section! Keep us posted!!

Jack Attack said...

Hi Alissa, it's Brit (Jonna's sister). She told me you were cute and pregnant and having a baby soon. You look great. My little man was born on Aug. 29 (2 years old now). Good luck
Brit P*

Kim Smith said...

August 29th it is. Yea! This has gone really fast --for me!
I am here standing by if I can do anything - any time.
Can't wait for yet un named baby to be here. My arms and rocking chair are ready and waiting.
I have Beck this whole week. It is wonderful and exhausting. We are doing really well.
Holding a prayer in our hearts for you!!