August 16, 2008

Full Term

Yes, that's right. Despite all my worrying we have made it to 37 weeks! So, the baby can come any time now.

We are almost ready for her...things left to do:
1) a name
2) finishing touches on the nursery (this is taking WAY longer than we anticipated, but I think we are very close)
3) pack the hospital bags
4) install the car seat
5) get her to flip!!!

She is still breech, so tomorrow we go in for a procedure called a version, which as far as I can tell means that my OB mashes on my belly and tries to get her head down. If it works, great. If it doesn't, we'll schedule the c-section for the end of August. Either way, she's coming soon.

Last week I had a wonderful shower from my friends in my ward. It was the perfect evening, and everything was beautiful. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera! I feel so badly, because I would have loved to post some pics. But thanks to everyone who put the shower together--I had a really great time.


Anonymous said...

We did too. Loved meeting your mother. The name is no problem and packing the bag takes only minutes. Good luck with the "flip". Laura

Unknown said...

Wow trying not to visualize this "mashing" procedure. Can't believe she's almost here! We're so excited for you!!

Hopkinson said...

I almost missed all the drama! I'm glad I checked in. Good to hear you are trying to be positive. My babies like to sit breech until just before they come out. It causes me a lot of anxioty. I swear by crawling down the stairs head first every 2 hours. Enoch flipped and my water broke that night. He got here 3.5 weeks early as healthy and happy as ever. Best of luck to you. I have so many friends that would rather go C-section any day. Either way, the important thing is that you will have your baby and have your health. I love you girl. These last few days are long!!!!! Hang in there.