March 16, 2016

Tokyo Disney

Ryan and I had a couple of days in Tokyo. Well, Ryan had to work for a couple of days in Tokyo, and I got to explore. I hadn't figured out what I was going to do when Angie (the other wife on the trip) texted me in the morning and told me she was headed to Tokyo Disney. Sounds fun, right? So off we went. It was October, and apparently Mickey's Halloween Party was going on. These people do Disney right. EVERYONE was in costume. And most were a part of a group costume. These were no make it yourself, throw it together kind of deals. Legit. We had more fun watching people and taking their pictures than we did going on rides. We went to Disney Sea, which is connected via monorail, as well. Disney Sea is more like California Adventure or Epcot, although it doesn't mirror nearly as well as Tokyo Disney mirrors Disneyland (almost identical). Disney Sea didn't have many Halloween festivities, and almost no one was dressed up. At both parks adults outnumbered kids. The princesses and characters were all caucasian. And besides the parade, there weren't many around. The characters we did see were odd--like Prince Charming, Jimminy Cricket, and Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum. The one bummer to the day was that I forgot my Dramamine, and spent more time than I should have looking for some. In the end I bought some ginger and ginger candy. I was amazed at how well it worked--I hardly got sick at all. But later I realized that some of the medicine from my scopolamine patch was still in my system, and was more likely responsible good time.

We stayed until dark and then ate dinner at Ippudo at the equivalent of Downtown Disney. We left tired and happy.












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