May 31, 2015

Groombridge Place

Thursday morning Ryan and I got up and headed to Groombridge Place. We almost didn't go because there really wasn't a good, timely way to get there and back, but we ended up just hiring a driver to take us.  Groombridge about an hour out of London--it is amazing to me how quickly you go from London City to beautiful Jane Austin countryside--and is the home of Philip Packer, Ryan's great x8 grandfather. The house was used in the filming of Pride and Prejudice and has the feel of a classic English manor. The gardens and surrounding grounds have been turned into a park of sorts, with animals, a small boat ride, archery lessons, trails through the forrest with giant swings in the trees. They even have a Zedonk. I mean, come on. This place is legit. As we wandered through the forest Ryan decided that Groombridge would make the perfect place to have a cyclocross course. And I am certain that all of the grandkids would love it. Packers, I think we need to step up and start a "Buy Groombridge" fund!


alisha said...

So beautiful! I'm glad you guys made it out to see it. Now I want to go.

Jamie Wride said...

Lovely house. And thank you for introducing me to the term Zedonk.