April 13, 2014

Family Photo

About mid-December I decided I wanted to do a Christmas card. I knew it had no chance of getting out on time, but better late than never, right? Jamie was in town, and we took advantage. We picked what we could find from our closets, went to a neighbor's barn, and made it happen. The only problem was that it was snowing and my camera kept focusing on the snowflakes, not on us! Out of all the pictures, none were in focus.

But Jamie worked her Photoshop magic (and really, it was impressive) and made one of them passable.  And the snow made it feel more like Christmas, right? 

On Christmas Eve we went to a short devotional at our neighbor's barn (a different neighbor--there are lots of barns here in Alpine). I was convinced we could get a better shot, so I made everyone wear the same clothes and try again. The problem this time was that we were about 20 minutes too early for the good light, with somewhat impatient kids and a party waiting at home. But still, a nice shot. I had the hardest time deciding which one to use. In the end, we found a card that worked better with the snowy one, so we went with it. 

Thanks, Jamie, for making it all happen!

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alisha said...

Definitely better late than never! I loved your Christmas/New Year's Card.