April 2, 2013


This year we celebrated the fun and games part of Easter on Saturday. We didn't set out to split the festivities into two days, but that's just the way it worked out with everyone's schedules. It turned out to be a great way to celebrate. We started off with the  Alpine Easter Egg Hunt in the morning. 

Anna loved it. 

It really is beautiful here.

The anticipation

She refused to let go of her Easter bag the entire time. Give up my candy?? No way.

Then we had a little shin-dig at our house. Grandma Sue and Grandpa Paul were the stars of the show with bubbles, egg hunt and dinner. Everyone wins.


On Sunday I tried to impress the meaning of Easter on the girls, and soon realized how difficult the concepts of death, resurrection and atonement are for little ones. We got a little help from The Rhyme Bible, and maybe some of it sunk in. If you don't have The Rhyme Bible, and you have children, you should get it. My friend Trudy gave it to me when Ella was a babe, and it's great.  


Jamie Wride said...

Looks like fun! Sad to miss it. Anna is so stylish in her patterned skinny jeans.

Camie said...


Al, I appreciated your comments. Elder Holland always makes an impact. I am amazed how these leaders of our Church stay lucid and do their work. It is a source of testimony to me just watching them operate in their advanced age. Elder Packer impressed me to no end on Saturday. I shared my testimony here a while ago. I would love for you to read it and email me about how I can make it more plain and simple like yours. Sometimes things can get confused between send and receive, but not with you! I love your directness. A great Harman trait. XOXO!

saszagrej said...

wow! i like it photo!