May 20, 2012

NYC (from the iPhone)

Last week Ryan went to London and Rome, and I found cheap tickets to New York, so I packed up the girls and off we went. First we visited Thayer and Lily. It was Mother's Day, so we joined in on the Smock festivities. Thanks Chris! Then we were off to the Big Apple. I can't believe how much we packed in, especially given that we had 2 babies and naps to work around. Plus, dragging 3 kids through the subway is no small task. But we did it and had a fantastic time. Ignoring the 2000 miles between us, having sisters live in New York is the best. Hotel, tour guides and entertainment wrapped up in one sisterly (free!) package. 

I didn't take many good pictures, but here are a few from my phone. Some are hipped up via Instagram (sorry if you follow me there, you can just skip this post) but most are marginal quality "I want to remember this" pics.  (Jamie did more aesthetic blog here.)

flight out

the train from CT to NYC

Kimmy and Jamie live right across the street from Central Park

We walked along the High Line and had it all to ourselves because it was drizzling. It was lovely.

Kimmy and I had our eyebrows threaded. It was kind of amazing, kind of crazy. But mostly felt like a slow (painful) wax.

Corn ice cream from Cones. A little cinnamon sprinkled on top. Delish.

Scandinavian candy shop. Everything was fantastic.

Children's Museum

Ella's favorite part of the trip

old school

Grimaldi's pizza under the bridge. Doesn't get much better.

We left with plenty of time, hit a major accident and were stuck in gridlock traffic. My flight left at 7:15 and we didn't get to the airport until 6:35.  After telling me there was NO WAY, Betty took pity on us and got us through. 

As we were sprinting through the airport I told Ella to run. She said, "I am running as fast as I can without my legs hurting!" Sweet girl. I bought her a treat before boarding.
In all the hustle we left Anna's binky holder behind. After throwing it on the floor a few times (and rolling to the row behind) I dug through my bag and fastened this using a USB cord and a rubber band. I zipped the other end into the bottom of her sleep sack. Necessity=mother of invention.


Jamie Wride said...

Thanks for showing how dirty my car is. ;) We had a great time!

alisha said...

Looks like a lot of fun! Glad you were able to hang out with your sisters.