February 23, 2012


One year old. 
  • Busy, busy little bee. 10 fold busier than her sister. But I suppose she had to learn how to occupy herself seeing how there was no one to dote on her every whim.
  • "Sweet"is the word that is most often used to describe her. She is just a little sweetheart. 
  • She had a few rough patches of early rising, but now she is sleeping great. 7 to 7 with 2 naps.
  • Her first word was Ella. Other words include Dad, ba and yah and a whole lot of jabbering.
  • She can do patty-cake, peek-a-bo, itsy bitsy spider, blow kisses, give kisses, tell you that she's one, shake her head no, wave, high-five, sign all done and more (although all of these things are subject to whether she's feeling it or not)
  • She loves to try and put clothes on. Especially socks and shoes. Yesterday she got half of her sweater on herself.
  • If we are walking up the stairs and then Ella starts to come she gets SOOO excited. She shakes her fists and kicks her legs and laughs.
  • 4.5 teeth
  • She started walking one week before her birthday.
  • Her favorite hide out is my shower. She loves to crawl in and hang out. 


Thayer said...

So cute, we miss her!

packermom said...

Sweet really is the word for her. Miss her so much.