September 12, 2011

lotoja 2011

Ryan decided to do Lotoja again this year. He convinced me to do support, so Amelia and I made a road trip out of the infamous Logan to Jackson. We had a great time. Stopped at local gardens, the Oregon Trail Museum, chatted it up, and ate tons of bad-for-you snacks. Oh yeah, we handed the boys water bottles and gels, too. The riders did great. All had their best times and Justin even made it on the podium. Ryan felt strong, but had really bad luck and got not one, but two flat tires. He ended up stopped on the side of the road for nearly 20 minutes. But still, he did great and we had fun together. We stayed in these cool cabins--"glamping" they called it. Sweet.

Ryan's already planning next year...maybe someday I'll join him. Or maybe not. 206 miles in a car might be more fun than 206 on a bike.

Thanks to Drama and Drampa for watching the girls. You know you've got it good when the worst behavior is when your child sobs for 10 minutes when she discovers it's time to go home. Love those grandparents.

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Amelia Hohl said...

I had a blast, no seriously, as soon as my babysitter arrived after three other babysitters, my mind went into a state of pure relaxation that I rarely get to feel. I wish my body would have been on that same page, but alas, the bump always takes away all hope of comfort. I still grimace as I think of Ryan stuck on the side of the road with his flat tires after all that preparation. May I be so juvenile as to say "I'll do it if you'll do it"...if there is ever a time when I'm not pregnant. We'll see. Thanks for the fabulous weekend. We love you guys:)