March 13, 2011


{wearing the hat and scarf because it's "storming" inside}

It seems that Ella grew up overnight when Anna was born. Lately she has been saying the funniest things. Cracks me up.

She has a calculator that she uses as her cell phone. She keeps it in her front pocket for easy access. The other day we were driving down the canyon and mid-sentence she stops and says, "Wait. Someone is calling me. I need to call them back." Turns out it was Ma Sue, and Ella let her know we were headed to see her.

She is totally picking up on things we say. Today she was playing with Anna and said, "Mom, how did baby Anna get so cute?"

While playing the other day she asked me if I wanted to wear a necklace. I said no. She replied with, "Option one is to wear the necklace. Option two is go to time out. Which do you want?"

We were eating dinner last night and she asked if we were eating 'regular' pasta. "Yep. Isn't it yummy?" "But the question is, is it regular pasta?" "Yes, it is regular pasta." "Thanks for answering my question, Mom." (I'm not sure what constitutes 'regular' pasta )


Thayer said...

So cute, love that picture too. Do you use the Option 1/Option 2 method with her a lot?

Niki said...

lol. I always knew she was a genius! Next time, take the time out ;)

kimmy girl said...

I knew option 1/option 2 would come back to you. big question...what did you do, wear the necklace or go to time out?

packermom said...

A few quiet moments in a corner? I'd take the time out.
Such an amazing, smart, sweet little girl. I "so, so, so" miss her.

Jocie said...

I do that with Rome and now he does it with everything. "Which one you want? This one or this one? Yea this one!" so funny!