October 27, 2010

updates and other mumbo jumbo

  • Pregnancy. I am 25 weeks. Depending on who you believe my due date is sometime between February 8 and 14th. And...it's a girl. My Aunt Cari, who is one of my very most favorite people in the whole world, loved being pregnant. I don't. One more thing for me to work on to try and be more like her.
  • Going organic. I try, but am far, far from doing it all the way. I try to avoid the ones that are supposedly worse, the "dirty dozen." Pretty much it just means that I don't buy as many fruits and vegetables as I used to, which has its own consequences. We're trying.
  • Ella. I often call her "my Ella" and she has taken to calling herself "your Ella." Such as, "You want to share your pillow with your Ella?"
  • Room swap. I've decided to move Ella to the guest room and keep Ella's room for the new baby. But I don't think Ella is ready to move to a toddler bed, so I'm going to move her crib with her. I think I'm going to buy a pack n' play with bassonette feature for the new baby. I think I'm going to paint Ella's new room a deep blue (something like La Fonda Deep Blue) and use one of these two rugs. Which one do you like better?
    Field Poppy (in green)

  • Modern Love
  • Posture. I hate even talking about this. I was doing so well, and now I'm not. And the watermelon in my belly isn't helping. 2009 was supposed to be the year of the straight back. Then 2010. Is there any hope for 2011?
  • This is my new favorite potato casserole recipe.
  • This is my new favorite pumpkin cupcake recipe.
  • Ella got these boots as an early Christmas present. I think they may be the cutest thing I've seen in a very long time.


Unknown said...

Love the update and both rugs.

Let's really make it happen in November. I think we are quite open.

Camie said...

* Pregnancy.
I WISH I were like your aunt, too.

* Going organic.
I checked out the dirty dozen, and we will be advised.

* Ella.
She's a smarty!

* Room swap.
Field Poppy (in green)

* Posture.
2011 is your year! What is this from: "It was his year, it was his year!" (said in Aussie accent)*

* This is my new favorite potato casserole recipe.

* This is my new favorite pumpkin cupcake recipe.

* Ella got these boots as an early Christmas present.
To die for and very versatile. Nice!

A: Strictly Ballroom

Alissa said...

Cam--Strictly Ballroom! It's been years since I've seen that. Thanks for the walk down memory lane.

Jocie said...

That is when Capri was due. Happily induced the 11th.
I am not a happy pregnant lady either. A third child is a BIG discussion. Josh doesn't think he can handle another 9 months of grumpy and complaining. I just want the end result not the in between.
I think it is interesting about your posture goal. It has been on my goals list for years. I am getting a little better. A little.

Jamie Wride said...

I saw the boots in her haircut photo and thought they were adorable! I wish they had them in my size.