September 20, 2010

france, 2010

We just got back from a wonderful week long trip with Jamie and Taylor. Compared to last year's Italian adventure, this year was low-key and relaxing. We did a lot of nothing, and it was perfect. We ate good food, read lots of books, wandered through quaint villages and enjoyed one another's company. We decided my French is nearly fluent ("I want 6 chicken nuggets...{hold up 6 fingers}...Thanks...Merci"), Taylor's love affair with cheese and crackers should not be disrupted, Jamie looks significantly more pregnant than I do, and I am a really good photographer.

she's totally in focus

We are glad to be home, and again, many many thanks to Ma Sue for watching Ella. You know your child is in good hands (and you feel a little guilty) when she says, "I've got two mommies: Mommy and Ma Sue!"

We didn't take many pictures, but I'm going to do a few separate posts for those we have.

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packermom said...

She's lucky to have you both!