May 27, 2010

yo yo

Last week Kimmy & I went to a Girls' Night Out sponsored by my church. They were making fabric flowers, and it seemed like it would be fun. It was crazy! There were more people than supplies, so Kim and I bagged it and had a "Sisters' Night In." We made fabric yo-yos. They were as easy as pie, and turned out darling--better than my lame photo skills can show.

You can find the tutorial on how to make them here {a fun blog to check out, too}

A quick pic of Ella. We've been working on not walking in the street, not walking "in the black" without holding Mom's hand. She knows to stay on "the white." So whenever she walks in the gutter and I chastise her she says, "White! White!"


Marie said...

That is so cute about ella! And I know what you mean about the activity was crazy!

Jamie Wride said...

You have to come out next week! I miss her too much.

Jessica said...

Hey Alissa, I finally got caught up on your blog! Your trip to New Zealand looked absolutely amazing. The pictures were breathtaking. Ella could not be any cuter right now. We loved seeing her the other day. Your yo-yos were cute and I checked out the Tea Rose blog. That lady is really crafty!