March 27, 2010

good ideas

whenever i find a good idea in a magazine, i always want to cut it out and save it, but then it just ends up as clutter, and that's not helpful. so in an attempt to de-clutter my real life {and clutter my e-life instead} i'm putting them down on the www.
  • toothbrush as a corn-on-the-cob prepper
  • rubber bands as egg-dying aids
  • lifesavers as birthday candle holders (look for the original rolls--holes in the bagged versions ar too large for most candles)
  • nail polish as rust inhibitor (on shaving cream can)
  • Store each sheet set in a pillowcase
  • use raw spaghetti strands to light hard to reach candles
  • Need to scale a recipe down or up? This is a great website.
  • you can use a pastry cutter to help break up ground beef when cooking
  • yellow gloves from costco. do dishes with crazy hot water and you don't get burned. also useful when browning a roast. keeps hands clean and safe
  • when cooking ground beef, tilt the pan to one side and soak up the grease with a paper towel. easier than draining.
  • big batch of bolognese sauce. quadruple the recipe. it takes all day, but when you're done you've got 10-15 good meals that are ready to go in 10 minutes
  • keep notes in your recipe books. i never do this, but always wish i did.
  • dry shampoo. ryan thinks it is disgusting. i think it is amazing.
what good ideas, time-saving tips or bits of brilliance do you have floating around?


Mandy said...

We keep our sheets sets in a pillow case. It is great! It makes your closet look more organized.

Woodengirl said...

I love your list! I also use a pastry cutter for making egg salad. It very quickly chops up the hard boiled eggs.

I am going to start doing the sheet sets in a pillow case trick. Where has that idea been all my life!

Ella is sure getting big and cuter than ever!

Lauren said...

I always see these cool ideas and never do them as well.

I've never heard of using yellow gloves when browning a roast- that's genius!

And, what is dry shampoo? Should I be embarrassed that I don't get it?

Alissa said...

Lauren--I am proud to say that the yellow gloves idea was mine.

And dry shampoo. I just learned about it--someone listed it as their "Item I can't live without" at Enrichment. So, it looks like hairspray. You spray it on your roots, it absorbes the oil, and you brush it out. It is perfect for when you have oily second/third day hair and don't have time to wash it.

How are things in Houston?

Janice said...

Oh, I am so doing that pillowcase one.

Jamie Wride said...

Is the dry shampoo the one I left at your house? If so, I was going to have mom bring it out with her....sorry charlie.