December 13, 2009


I've got all kinds of thoughts running through my head, so it's time for another blogfest.

{warning--I brag twice in this post. if you are opposed to braggarts, stop reading now.}
  • Last week I got a ticket. First one ever. 5 miles over = $90. Is it worth contesting? Traffic school? In their defense, I was speeding, but in my defense it was just to get around some cars as I was trying to get over to the left lane. Ryan told me that he doesn't think the law allows for speeding, "if you're just trying to get around someone" but I'm not sure.
  • I found a nanny! Lots of calls, lots of interviews, lots of time, lots of stress....and wonderful, talented, mother of four, friend and neighbor tells me that she would love to watch Ella. Prayers are answered.

  • One of my friends from PCHS saw Ella's picture in Naartjie at South Towne. By the time we got there her 15 minutes had passed and the ad had been taken down, but they pulled it out so we could ooh and aah.
  • Want to see the hands-down, best, better than best, Santa picture ever? Right here.
  • Ella had her 15 month check-up. Leveling off in the growth department. 50% height, 36% weight, 61% head.
  • New word: "mess." It will probably be used a lot.
  • When I was in 2nd grade I won the Reflections contest for music composition. I am pretty sure I was the only one who entered. For 23 years this has been my only claim to artistic fame. No more. I am a winner. Check this out. Great idea. Love it, Chuds.
  • There are very few things that excite me more than finding the perfect present, perfectly wrapped. It doesn't happen often, but when it does, oh, the joy. This year I have 1 for sure, 1 maybe and 1 hopefully.
  • After 8 years of trying, I finally made a decent risotto. A few lessons learned: 1. use a nice heavy pot 2. you will need more water than you think 3. you will need more time than you think 4. put your broth in a pyrex measuring cup and pour instead of using a ladle 5. don't give up, it will eventually become creamy and delicious.
  • I do not think we will be sending out a Christmas card this year. Not because we don't love you. Because I can't find a good picture. I think we're on the every other year plan. Sorry Grandma.


Danielle said...

I LOVE how Ella is pointing at herself! How cute. What a doll. You should ask them to give you the poster.

Also, good job on winning the photo thing;) That pumpkin really was hilarious.

Avery likes to say "mess" too.

Lauren said...

I love these posts. I'm happy you found a nanny. That must be a huge relief. I can't believe you've never had a ticket (i've been pulled over 6 times that I can count) and worse, that the cop gave you a ticket for going 5 miles over- I've gotten off for much worse.
Oh, and we didn't bother waiting for a good Christmas card pictures- did you see ours?

packermom said...

That is a priceless picture of Ella!! I love hearing what's on your mind!

Alissa said...

Lauren--so, actually I was going 15 over but he only gave me a ticket for 5. Still...

Alissa said...

And Lauren, I hope you don't mind that I'm showing off your kids.

Britt Chudleigh said...

of course she was in an ad already! she is so cute. congrats on the win. you are artistic....see. :)

LJABC and D said...

I'm so glad you got to see the poster!! Now do you think I'm a stalker? Well, it's ok cause I kind of am. She is adorable though and it was so nice to see your parents. I almost expected your dad to break out and run next to me though.