November 14, 2009

A Good Grief

One of my friends, Molly, is starting a new website, and it is really really great.

Molly is one of those people who you like as soon as you meet her. I met Molly during the very worst week of her life, and even then, in her devastation and heartbreak, I thought, "I like this girl. I think we could be friends." And now we are. I've blogged a bit about this before, but Molly's little girl Lucy died after choking on a small piece of an apple. I took care of her in the hospital in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. It was an awful week, but one which touched me forever.

After Lucy's death, Molly turned her blog into an online journal chronicling her grief. It is honest, raw, and very touching. Now, over a year later, Molly is reaching out to those around her to share stories of grief and healing. All of the proceeds of the blog go to purchase headstones for children who have passed away (I know--who even thinks of that? Someone who has been through it).

So far, the site is really wonderful. Molly speaks from the heart, and she has other guest writers, like Stephanie Nielson of nie fame, and an incredibly eloquent woman who speaks on miscarriage. Now, I know what you {Thayer} are thinking. "I don't need sadness or heartache in my life. Just tell me the happy stuff." That's the crazy thing. Even though this site is about grief, it is about GOOD grief and it is really uplifting.

Check it out.


Thayer said...

hey, thanks for throwing me under the bus (just kidding), but the link isn't it

Alissa said...

thanks, thayer. fixed it.

Lindy said...

I don't know why I read that heartbreaking story this morning but I did and cried the whole time. My kids were like mom why are you crying and I said because this is the saddest story. I remember when you first told me and all I could think is WOW, how do you move on? But I know you do. It takes ALOT of time and lots of tears but you do.