May 14, 2009

Ignorance is Bliss

Sometimes being a Pediatrician makes me a better mom. But most of the time it just makes me worry more. Like today. I was reading the new issue of Pediatrics, and found this article. It talks about risk factors associated with Autism:

Advanced maternal age.

Breech baby.


Advanced maternal education.

Multiple pregnancies.

Even better, when I was putting the citation into this blog post I realized that the author of the study is a woman I know from Utah, and the study was done on babies in Utah. So I can't even say, "Well, at least it is in India. I'm sure babies in India are much different than babies in Utah."

Am I worried that Ella will develop Autism? No. But it is things like this that contribute to my neruoses. So the next time I give unsolicited pediatric advice, or come off as a little obsessive, please don't take offense. It's not personal. It's just my crazyness overflowing.

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